iago[x86] I am, and always have been, the lead developer of JBBot, JavaOp, and JavaOp2. I am always happy to help people, and everything I do, I do for fun or to help people out. If you have any questions or problems, you can email me, although the best place to find me is on the JavaOp forum.
Arta BNetDocs is one of my GODS!
Feanor[xL] Fixed the Diablo 2 and Warcraft2 hashing algorithm.
Fr0z3N Back in the days of JBBot, he wrote a lot of commands and event handlers. None of these are actually being used anymore, but I am keeping him in my credits because I don't want to remove anybody.
Fyre Actively running JavaOp on Mac OS X, and has given a lot of valuable feedback.
Hitmen To quote him, "I've done absolutely nothing, and plan to continue doing so. hrm, a band called "Fuck!...I'm dead". Sounds promising"
Jeff Taught me an awful lot about Java. Although he's never going to see that page, I had to give him credit.
Joe RCRS Work and Beta Testing
Krazed[x86] Helped with beta testing on linux and gave ideas and support.
LivedKrad He has always been a supporter of JavaOp, except for the 12422412521 times he told me how much it sucks.
Lobo[x86] He made the leet Ascii art at the top not really but he has figlet installed so that makes him cool. He is also working on the Statstring parsing, and I'm sure he'll be a valuable programmer.
Madd0x Wrote some Java code, including getting rid of the UDP Plug. He also wrote the original C code that my Warcraft III support is based on.
Metal Militia (13:30:36) MetaL MilitiA MM: I demand to be in your list of contributers!
MorsRedigo Came up with the entire concept with me, back in a historical meeting at Perkins. Could never have done it without his initial support. Plus he drives me home from University and would make me bus if I didn't give him credit.
Mythix For spending one hours pay and buying me a domain name.
Newby[x86] ^_^
Quik[x86] Doesn't want to be in here, but he's here anyway.
R.a.B.B.i.T Has done a lot of beta testing, and wrote a sexy Visual Basic front-end for the telnet interface. He also wrote the alternate version of the Getting Started in Windows documentation.
Ryan Marcus I have currently written 3 plugins for JavaOp, including Channel Lock, Whisper on Leave, and Global Connect.
Scr33n0r Because he talks to me when I'm bored.
s0urce "The german guy from IRC :)"
Train Helped me test, finding many bugs and giving me many helpful suggestions.
Trekkie The leader of mAc and a Mac OS X beta tester. Also found some bad links on my site for me.
Trust[e1] He's written a lot of commands, particularely auto-moderation, and has done a lot of testing and has broken it countless times. Normally his fault.
Tuberload[x86] He has done a considerable amount of work, and will continue to be a large part of the project.
Warrior[x86] Has started working on JavaOp project as of the release of JavaOp2. He's a super clever guy, and I know he'll be a great help!

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