Q. When will the FAQ be done?

A. When I get some questions, and feel like answering them. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Email me! I'll do my best to answer, and I'll post the answer here, too.

Q. What is RCRS?

A. RCRS stands for "Remote CheckRevision Server". It is a server that assists the user in logging in by relieving the need for hashfiles and version updates, at the same time doing nothing with your cdkey or password (which stay safe, locally encrypted and sent only to Battle.net).

Q. Where do I get Java?

A. You can download Java at http://java.sun.com. The version you want is "J2SE 1.5 JRE".

Q. What operating systems does JavaOp2 support?

A. Because it's Java, any operating system that Java supports: Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Q. Is there a way to automatically update the core and plugins?

A. On Linux and Mac OS X, yes. Just put the following lines into a file:

        rm JavaOp2-Core-Current.*
        rm JavaOp2-Plugins-Current.*
        wget http://www.javaop.com/javaop2/JavaOp2-Core-Current.tgz && tar -xvvzf JavaOp2-Core-Current.tgz
        wget http://www.javaop.com/javaop2/JavaOp2-Plugins-Current.tgz && tar -xvvzf JavaOp2-Plugins-Current.tgz

Call it "update.sh". Then make it executable:

        chmod +x update.sh

Then simply run it whenever you want to update. It will create 2 folders called Core and Plugins with the appropriate files.

Why doesn't the Swing GUI scroll to the bottom when new text arrives?

The Swing GUI will scroll to the bottom only if the cursor is currently at or near the bottom. the big advantage of this is that you can read back chat or select (to copy/paste) text from the chat window without being messed up by people talking. As of beta5, when you send a message out, it will automatically bring the cursor to the bottom.

Why can't I ban somebody who's outside the channel?

Banning people outside the channel causes a lot of problems that allow members to ban anybody. For example, ".ban 'leader" or ".ban leader@uswest", etc. I thought it was better to not allow members to ban anybody the bot can't see rather than letting members take advantage of a loophole to ban anybody.

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