Although the moderation is really up to plugins, I figured I'd outline the default moderation capibilities that come with the deafult plugin set.


The concept of flags is pretty simple. Every user has zero or more flags, each of which are represented by a single alphabetic character. Each flag represents something different. Although the role of the flags are entirely up to the plugins, some conventions include:

Some flags give the user access to bot commands (A gives .setuser, O gives .ban, etc.), some flags mark the user as somebody special (S is safelisted, and B is autobanned), and some flags have a special effect (E users are automatically generated when the user enters the channel). What a flag does is really up to the plugins that use it.


There are four flags that control, to some extent, the user's presence in the channel. Ordered from the least powerful to the most powerful:

Ban/Kick Commands

There are 3 levels of ban/kick commands. It can be customized who can use which, but by default to use the "z" level, you require N or M flags, and to use the normal or "f" level, you need O or N. Here are the default moderation commands:

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